Topic outline

  • General

    Big Data in Education

    Meeting supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. (1338509). Partial support from the Academy of Finland, University of Helsinki, and from the Embassy of the United States in Finland.

    This meeting will contribute to the development of Data Science of Learning and Teaching by

    1. Offering the WEPS platform, with advanced learning analytic tools for open use in learning and teaching.
    2. Making courses, with rich resources, available to educational research.

    We invite individuals and groups who can:

    1. contribute new learning analytics tools to harness the log data of the WEPS system;
    2. improve the instructional design of the WEPS system including ways to motivate students; or
    3. develop cognitive and other methods for student profiling

    to join the work.

    Persons who will successfully contribute to these goals will be invited to the next meeting of this group. This will take place, most likely, at George Mason University near Washington, DC, in March 2014.

    Conference site wireless network: Network id: HupNet, username: hupnet10497, password: jatta=4hataruus
    This information will also be displayed in the conference room.

  • Thursday, October 24

    The US Embassy Day 

  • Friday, October 25

    Public Press Conference Day

  • Saturday, October 26

    Preparing for Further Collaboration: Discussions on New Innovations, Papers, Proposal, Technological Solutions, Entrepreneurship  

    Meeting Venue Porthania, Lecture Hall PIII.

    Reports of Working Groups.

    Afternoon Excursion to Suomenlinna. Working in groups in Suomenlinna.